5 Top Tips on “Going Natural”

The last few years has seen a huge shift in women embracing “going natural”. The movement, “Being Woke”, has translated into the way both women and men treat, style and wear their hair in its natural form.

With kinks and curls replacing wigs and weaves; and relaxers becoming a thing of the past, many women are beginning their natural hair journey. So we thought we’d share the top 5 easy tips on managing your hair as you go natural.

1. Shampoos and protein-based deep conditioning

Deep conditioning helps you treat, strengthen and restore your hair. Protein-based deep conditioners are perfect to help damaged and over-processed hair due to the high amount of keratin found within them.

If your starting your natural hair journey following the use of chemical treatments such as relaxers and perms, protein based shampoos and conditioners is the best way to start treating and maintaining your hair.

2. Be Prepared… (Choose your products wisely)

Explore different products that work well for you hair. You may already have a list of hair products you use to maintain your hair – perfect! But remember, your hair texture will change throughout your natural hair journey.  

If you opt away from the “big chop”, then you’ll need to find products that work well for your new natural hair growth as well as your previous hairstyle.

3. Protecting Your Hair

natural hair twists
Image by dadoll_lala

There’s nothing more important than protecting your hair going through your transition. You can protect your hair in a manor of ways. Here are a few:

  • Protective hairstyles – protective styles such as braids, cornrows and full wigs are the easiest way to allow your hair to grow out naturally with low maintenance.
  • Moisturise – Keep your hair and scalp moisturised by using a water spray bottle, as well as using hair oils to promote proactive hair growth and strength.
  • The Twist, or braid up – braiding or twisting your hair will help naturally retain the moisture. Twisting or braiding will help your hair to grow, coupled with retaining moisture. Both styles can also be worn day-to-day and to bed. 

4. Choose Your Style

Keep it simple. The best way to manage a change in hairstyle is to choose your style and stick with it. Once you have found your natural hair growth to be manageable, you can then start to experiment with varying styles without straining your new growth.

5. Nightwear

Set your hair for the night by using a silk scarf, bonnet or wrap. If worse comes to worse, throw a pair of tights on your head! Anything to keep the moisture in your hair and maintain the hairstyle you want to wake up with in the morning.

Sleeping in something that protects your hair will promote natural hair growth and strength. Bonus tip: Use your silk headscarf as a fashion accessory for use during the day as pictured above.


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