Top 5 British Instagram Accounts You Must Follow

With there being so much choice on Instagram, it’s easy to get lost when it comes to finding what you want. So here’s our list of top 5 Instagram accounts for all things hair related.

Best Visual Hair Tutorial Account

Natural Hair Angels

If you are looking for quick and informative hair photos and videos for all types of hair, Natural Hair Angels are one of the best!

As well as producing their own content, Natural Hair Angels also provide shared content from a variety of different accounts to suit. Whether your looking for; “how to videos”, stylish ways to part your hair, styling your natural hair, or protective styles; Natural Hair Angels cover it all.

To find Natural Hair Angels on social media, follow them on Instagram at @naturalhairangels.

Best Protective Hairstyles Account

Nia Knows Hair

For different protective hairstyles Nia Knows Hair is definitely one to check out. From braids, twists, locks and natural hair. This account is one of our favourites, showcasing finished looks, to all manor of protective hairstyles.

Not only does Nia Knows Hair have stunning protective hairstyles such as braids and crochet. She also has an amazing YouTube channel that teaches how to maintain your natural hair, protective styles, and independent product reviews.

To find Nia on social media, follow her on Instagram at @niaknowshair.

Best Natural Hair Account

Healthy Afro Hair

Taking you through the journey to natural hair, we love this account!

The lady behind the Healthy Afro Hair, Julie Oli, not only shows you her natural hair journey; but she also teaches you how to manage going natural. As well as this, she also provides great photos and videos on how to maintain your natural hair among other tips, tricks, hairstyles and tutorials!

We also love the personal touch behind Julie’s account, with her providing real tips and recommendations on what she uses to maintain, strengthen and grow her, and her families hair. This account is also brilliant for if you are looking for personal and children’s hair solutions.

Overall, we think this is an all-round vibrant, engaging and super informative account for anyone, no matter how far you are into your Afro hair journey.

To find Julie on social media, follow her on Instagram at @healthyafrohair.

Best Wigs & Weaves Account

The Wig Gurus

With a combination of different styles, cuts and shapes The Wig Gurus not only provide amazing content about all things wigs, weaves, frontals and closures. This account won our vote as they also produce their own lace tints made from 100% natural dyes, using eco-friendly packaging to deliver their product nationwide.

Their Instagram account shows you a variety of different styles, cut and applications of your wigs and weaves to get the best, and most stylish finish possible.

To find The Wig Gurus on social media, follow them on Instagram at @thewiggurus.

Best Young Person’s Account



The clear winner for us is hair content creator, Sophie, from ItsLucy&Sophie. The 14-year-old content creator makes amazing 1-minute videos on how to style and manage hair.

The teenage provides you with useful Instagram videos, product recommendations and simple “How To” videos. Making it easy for you to rock the newest and most fashionable hairstyles that everyone wants to know how to wear!

To find Sophie on social media, follow her on Instagram at @curly.soph.

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