Jamaica’s, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, sets trends with her Rainbow hair, whilst winning gold at the World Championships

Doha’s Athletics World Championships has seen a number of impressive performances from some of the world’s best athletes, and even more impressive hair-do’s. In particular, the 100 and 200 metre sprinters are showing up and showing out the best way possible!

The Jamaican sprinter, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, lead the way by becoming the oldest woman (32 years old) to win 100 metre gold at a World Championships.

Shelly-Ann not only stunned the crowd with her amazing speed, by clocking a finals time of 10.71 seconds. Her hairstyles also stole the show throughout the duration of the championships, sporting over 4 different hairstyles across the course of the tournament.

Wearing a number of hairstyles throughout the heats, Shelly-Ann rocked styles from the simple black sleek waves, to Jamaica’s national colours of yellow and green.

The World and former Olympic Champion also celebrated her gold medal victory whilst sporting a fun and colourful rainbow back-length hairstyle.

What many don’t know about the sprinter is she is also the owner of her own hair salon back home in Jamaica, and uses her different hairstyles as a way of expression and fun on the track.

Not only a beast on the track, the businesswoman and athlete also has her own line of hair shampoos, conditioners and soaps. Providing an overall experience to customers across Jamaica. Click here to view her company Instagram profile.

Rainbow hair by YouTuber, Laurasia Andrea
Rainbow hair tutorial by YouTuber, Laurasia Andrea

If Jamaica is too far a trip to get the rainbow hair effect, we have also added a link on how to Rainbow colour your hair/wigs here: The Best Rainbow Hair Ever.

With Athletics becoming far more mainstream, athletes are finding new and exciting ways to express themselves through hair, make-up and jewellery becoming the “in thing”. What do you think will be next?

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