Hair Popp, The Black-Owned Hair Marketplace

Did you know ethnic minorities alone spend three times as much on hair related products and services then any other? Yet, most products brought on the market are not black-owned, although many high street companies tend to use black people to sell their products to generate their revenue.

Until now, Hair Mob has come across the first black-owned online hair marketplace, Hair Popp. Hair Popp provides customers with an array of independent black-owned products that can be purchased and delivered straight to your front door, anywhere in the UK.  

The company scour and seek to connect with black-owned hair care brands that enable women (and men) to take ownership of your hair health. From natural, plant-based products, hair-care services, and events, we serve to create and share content that inspires you to discover, learn and engage with a community authentically created for you.   

Black Owned Hair Care Businesses Hair Popp
Hair Popp founder, Dominique Lescott

It is often said that some of our most inspiring ideas stem from moments of desperation. Hair Popp founder, Dominique Lescott, had her light-bulb moment began to materialise after a harmful encounter with a chemical relaxer that was so harsh, it completely destroyed her hair.

In a bid to regrow her broken strands and restore her hair to the former glory of her youth, she subsequently boycotted her relationship with relaxer and decided to fully embrace and cater to her natural hair texture.

Embarking on a journey of holistic health and evolution (of hair and self), Dominique soon felt frustrated by the lack of representation and knowledge from sellers on the high street. In her words:

“There was something inside me that wanted to start a business to support my community.”

Hair Popp, the first black-owned online hair marketplace. Hair Popp allows you to shop for black-owned natural hair products. Read more...
Nylah Naturals Strength and Shine Shampoo Cream and Nylah Super Botanical’s Conditioner Wash Duo Set

And so, a seed was planted and Hair Popp was created. Hair Popp is a movement, a central hub for hair enthusiasts, influencers and independent brand-owners alike. Hair Popp serves to bridge the gap, connecting consumers to the brands and retailers that are catered for us, created by us.

Afrocenchix Seal Natural Hair Oil

Hair Popp believe in celebrating our hair in all its glory, regardless of curl type and texture. Long or short, coily or curly – healthy hair is our priority. And we intend to share this passion with you.

Flora & Curl African Citrus Superfruit Shampoo

So, it’s more than just selling products for our tresses. It’s a lot deeper. Wherever you are on your journey, come and join. Let’s empower ourselves together.

Take a look at Hair Popp products online here

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